My name is Kwasi Kisiedu. I’ve been interested in the forex trade for the past five years and it feels good..Sure the money  is amazing but I love the  idea of putting together a trading plan and hoping it translates into reality on the market.

However, my specialty is Price Action Trading.  Here, I’m just dealing with raw data on the charts and interpreting the the data on the forex markets …I don’t want anything to do with gimmy indicators and funky lines streaking across the screen. I want raw price data that I can deal with and deduce from as far as what’s happening on the market through the currency pairs

Through this website I intend sharing my price action knowledge to aspiring forex  traders(Veteran Traders are also welcome to it.) I hope to show you that  price action trading is the way to go. I’ll also show you various high probability forex trade set ups and patterns to watch out for before placing your forex trades.By high probability trades I mean trades that have the best possibilities  of making you profits. It will most certainly be worth your while. If you have any questions contact me at kkryptonic@gmail.com


Kwasi Kisiedu