How To Look Into The Crystal Ball Of Your Next Forex Trade

Hello and welcome to another edition of the bulls vs the bears. This week we are going to look into how to look into the crystal ball of your next forex trade. No, we’re not learning how to be soothsayers overnight. We are going to learn how to anticipate the next trade before it happens.   To paraphrase a famous saying it’s preparation meeting opportunity. If you want to be a successful forex trader, you need to have a plan. You can’t go in  with the attitude of “wing it and let the chips fall where they may”

Based on your trading plan you anticipate on how the next trade is going to shape up . This is where preparation meeting opportunity comes in. With your trading plan in place you should have a fair idea of what the next trade is going to look like. So basically  we are going to learn how to anticipate trades and then make our entry.


Understand What The Forex Market is Doing

You need to understand what the forex market is doing. How do we do this? By identifying in advance variables such as where the key levels are, where the hottest trends are, price signals et.c. It will be in your best interest to turn this habit into a regular routine every week. Some of you may be going “But this is boring.” Well, boring is good, especially if you plan on being prosperous as a forex trader. Once you’re able to ascertain what’s happening on the market, you should  be able to make your entry without fear or favor. 

You can now focus on anticipating trades at key levels and other value areas. One you recognize a price signal forming at one of these areas, you can make your move without thinking twice about it. By price  signal we are referring to a price action signal, or even a retrace to a key level. So don’t just react to the happenings on the market. You should know way in advance of the next trade formation based on your identification of the key levels. Now let’s see an illustration of  key areas that have already been mapped out. Image result for forex mapping out key levels and identifying trends Ladies and gentlemen, here is an illustration of  an old resistance level now turned into support. The old resistance is marked pink at the far left corner. Whereas the support area is labelled blue. Notice the three support areas labelled blue. It’s pretty obvious that there is an ongoing struggle between the bulls and the bears. Price seems to be holding up quite well. And when that happens, it can only mean one thing – The bulls are about to break out and head for the hills.

With that in mind you gently place your buy signal close to the tip of the bullish candle right on the support level and watch the bulls start their procession to the hills. For more information on key levels look up Identifying Support and  Resistance levels with Price Action Analysis

Keep Your Eyes On Dynamic Zones

You need to keep an eye   on dynamic zones in the markets. By dynamic zones we are referring to areas where  price action is happening at the speed of light. You see the whole idea behind anticipating trades is having a plan as to how you will react when so and so happens. This approach is more professional than trading like a Las Vegas gambler. with no rhyme nor reason behind your trades. You need to trade like a sharp shooter instead of  a suicide bomber.

Now how  does one keep in tune with the dynamic zones?Well performing  weekly and daily market analysis is one way of getting  in tune with the dynamic zones. In fact it’s the only way to stay in tune with the dynamic zones and learn to anticipate high probability trading scenarios. Your marksmanship as a trader will come in real handy in this scenario.

When you sit behind your laptop, there is no need for you to hunt for trades. By time you  turn the power button on, you should have a pretty good idea of which markets are hot right now and where to look for signals. And the best place to search for trading signals  are in areas of confluence and key levels. based on previous analysis you’ve already done.

Let’s take a look at a classic example of such a scenario. confluence

Here you have a nice looking example of the confluence scenario I just explained. Keep a close watch on the three price signals.  The first signal is at the level of support via the engulfed candles. The second signal is at the level of support. And the third signal is at the breakout point where a bullish trend forms.

The neat  thing is all three signals are unfolding at the same time. They’re coming together simultaneously. Where three such scenarios form, your crystal ball should tell you that it’s time to cash in. For more information on trading confluence areas, look up Something Called Confluence.

That’s a wrap for ”Trading Less Will Bring You More Profits.” Instead of reacting to what the forex market is doing, how about anticipating what the forex market will be doing? You can only accomplish this task by identifying the key levels, hash out a trading plan and anticipate the trades. In plain English, exercise self-control instead of allowing the forex market to control you.

I’m going to be real honest with you. The market will not always appear on the high probability /confluence areas that you highlight on your price charts. But when it does appear you need to be ready like a marksman. This where your trading edge comes in real handy. If it’s not present on the price charts DON’T BOTHER TRADING. If you have no idea what a trading edge is look up You Need To Sharpen Your Trading Edge. Til next time take care.


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